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Inspiring a love of language

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Shakespeare can be a daunting thing to introduce to children – complex language, some tricky themes, and a lot of people pretending to be other people. But it’s wonderful stuff, with brilliant storylines, great characters and lots of cultural relevance. “All difficulties are but easy when they are known” – Shakespeare - Measure for Measure, Act 4 sc.2


What is ExploraBox Shakespeare?

Shakespeare for all! I love working with all year groups - you're never too young to have fun learning about him and his work.


I want to make sure the workshop gets your children learning what you want them to learn. So, I’ve devised a range of modules from which you can build a workshop to suit you.


Choose 4 modules to make a day-long workshop, or if you’re strapped for time, choose 2 to make a morning. I’ll bring our ExploraBox full of props, models, and tailored resources with which to make the sessions interactive, fun and learning-focused. The modules have been designed to get the most learning out of them, so there’s more ‘doing’ than sitting and listening.


How to build your workshop:

Firstly, pick your play: The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth, or The Taming of the Shrew (if you’re not sure, please contact me to chat it through).


Now pick your modules (4 for a day, or 2 for half a day):

Plot, themes and character: children will be fully involved in all sorts of activities to learn about the storyline, and explore the themes and characters (worth 1, 2, 3 or 4 modules – it’s up to you)


Language and structure: we’ll be up and moving, speaking and listening, and enjoying using Shakespeare’s own words and rhythms (worth 1 module)


Display creation: within the session, children will create work which can go towards a display (worth 2 modules; please combine with ‘Plot’ module)


Assembly creation: within the session, children will create work which can go towards a short assembly presentation (worth 2 modules; please combine with ‘Plot’ module)


Introduction to Shakespeare: learn about Shakespeare himself, an overview of what he wrote, his place in time and especially about ‘his’ theatre, The Globe  (worth 1 module)

Pricing structure:

(within 30 mile radius, taking Guildhall Road, Northampton NN1 as centre point)


Half-day workshop: £175

Full school-day workshop: £275


Workshops outside of this area will incur additional travel expenses of 45p per mile (first 30 miles included in workshop cost).

Why choose ExploraBox Shakespeare?

  • Introduce children to, or develop their existing knowledge of, Shakespeare – making his work approachable and enjoyable

  • Creative, interactive, fun sessions

  • Develop children’s confidence

  • Enable children to develop their reading, speaking and listening, and writing skills (depending on modules chosen)

  • Modular approach – choose the sessions which suit you

  • Delivered by an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate leader with Qualified Teacher Status and lots of experience

  • Explicit links to new primary National Curriculum – stemming from the Purpose of Study: …pupils …develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually, and from the Aims, especially: appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage. Each module has a list of specific objectives - for these please do contact us, we will happily send them to you.

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Any other Shakespeare-related requests? Contact us to see how we can help.