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Thanks for visiting my blog. I write about new books, things I’ve read about, Shakespeare-related stuff, and other important things like the weather, stationery, telly and running.

By amy, Oct 29 2014 10:26PM

It’s no surprise that I love books. And I love libraries. My sons used to want to take their shoes off when they went to libraries and I knew what they meant (although I did remind them it wasn’t a rule of entry and in fact not ideal). They are just Good Places – positive, peaceful, sometimes bustling, full of potential. So I went a little bit fuzzy when I saw a picture of books bursting from what looked like a little wooden dolls’ house on the internet and learnt it was a library.

In fact it was a just fleeting glimpse, and I mentally bookmarked the page to come back to. Shortly afterwards, the brilliant @routestoreading and @playbythebook drew me back to them on Twitter and sent me the link www.littlefreelibrary.org

They are basically small book-sheds, left outside for people to come and visit as they would a library. Anyone can take books and donate books as they wish. I love this. I like the obvious concept that people come, go, borrow, donate, and find new authors. And clearly it is a great way of recycling. But I also smile at the (entirely made up by my brain-wandering) idea that some dedicated book-hater decided to come and destroy the library, and in the process of attempted destruction, was distracted by a strong strapline, or an intriguing blurb, and they squirreled the book under their jacket, took it home and read it. Ha.

In a very simple way, these Little Free Libraries are proof that people are good and kind and creative. They are about sharing experience and enabling others to enjoy what you enjoyed. Or conversely, to get rid of something you didn’t like but you know someone else will. What a brilliant idea.

By amy, Oct 10 2014 10:22AM

So, I am relatively new to working from home. Up until this point, I have been a go-to-a-place-to-work person, or a stay-at-home-entertaining-small-boys person. Or, most often, a combination of the two. My job now takes me out and about, meeting new people and working in lots of different settings, but it also requires me to work from my home office, quite near my kettle.

Here is what I’ve observed about working from home:

1. Biscuits.

2. Noticing new things out of the window. When I am pausing to consider best approach for something, I glance to the street outside. Turns out my lawn often needs cutting REALLY OFTEN, and that spiders really like our window panes. And lots of people have dogs. And cats are probably secret agents as they always seem to be on a mission/staking something out.

3. I can justify the purchase of more stationery.

4. Sandwiches no longer cut it for lunch. At the very least – soup. Hot lunches are the way forward.

5. Thick socks. I suspect this will graduate into slippers before long.

6. The radio doesn’t reply when I talk to it.

7. 1 hour can last for about 4 minutes, or about 4 hours.

8. To do lists don’t get any shorter. Ever.

9. People ask me how my ‘lady of leisure’ lifestyle is going.

10. Slow cookers.

11. The school run is always at least an hour earlier than I think it is.

12. It is always time for a cup of tea, and only certain mugs will do.

Is it just me? Do any of you other work-at-homies notice these things too? Any additions anyone?

Right, time for a cuppa...and ticking at least 3 jobs off my list before my jacket potato...

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