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Well no wonder it's been called the 7th best place to live in the UK.

By amy, Dec 20 2014 09:32PM

I’ve been driving round Northamptonshire these last couple of weeks, dropping my leaflet-boxes off at schools. This involved driving to a school, getting out and braving the wind, delivering the leaflet-box, getting back in the car, taming the wind-angered beast that is my hair, tapping in the next postcode and setting off again. I was struck, as I travelled round with the milky sunlight of winter creeping in, at the beauty of the county.

There were beautiful buildings, rural idylls and impressive sweeping hillsides.

And there were quirkinesses. There were llamas (alpacas?), a dog carrying a scarf as it went for a walk, and a couple of mightily impressive Christmas-decorated houses. It was a treat; thanks to the magic of sat nav I was able to just follow its cheery instructions and go on this magical mystery tour, taking in my surroundings rather than working out directions. I sang along to the radio, making up questionable harmonies to go with the Christmas songs that popped up and belting them out to the empty car. I made mental notes of pubs that looked just lovely. I went 'cor' at some of the fancy houses I saw. All in all it was a really pleasant way to spend some time. It’s been lovely getting to know my county a bit better – another unexpected treat of having started ExploraBox.

PS it was 7th in the Halifax Quality of Life Survey 2014, as seen in local paper Herald and Post here.

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