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Thanks for visiting my blog. I write about new books, things I’ve read about, Shakespeare-related stuff, and other important things like the weather, stationery, telly and running.

Spring is coming!

By amy, Feb 18 2015 03:18PM

Thank goodness.

1. Little crocuses (croci?) poking their pointy little heads out above the mud at the park

2. Actually going to the park without having to channel the thought of radiators to function enough to follow the boys from slide to climbing frame

3. That brilliant big fat circle of light in the sky – yes I know it has popped up from time to time over winter but with no Warmth Power. Yesterday I even felt it WARM ON MY FACE

4. Birds being back to their tweety selves and joyously having a big old lung-filling sing outside my window in the morning

5. Green dots appearing on trees and knowing that they will get bigger and lusher and change those dramatic, angular branches into softer, more wafty things

6. Lambs appearing in fields and doing their brilliant crazy leaping about

7. and to quote one of my absolute nearest and dearest, the sense of hope that spring brings…

Yesssssss. Lovely lovely spring.

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