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Thanks for visiting my blog. I write about new books, things I’ve read about, Shakespeare-related stuff, and other important things like the weather, stationery, telly and running.

BBC3 or not BBC3, that is the question (sorry)

By amy, Dec 1 2014 09:08PM

It was one of those times when your body knows sleep is the right way forward but your brain decides otherwise, and this time it wandered onto Shakespeare. ‘He loved a bit of magic, did that Shakespeare’, I thought, as I remembered the sessions I’d spent exploring The Tempest with Year 2 that week. ‘And a bit of murder. He didn’t half like a bit of murder. If he was alive now, I bet he’d love watching some decent telly dramas and Nordic noir.’ This was good. A nice bit of distraction thinking. ‘But then again he loved comedy too…I reckon he’d have been a fan of…..’ and this is where I couldn’t decide. He liked farcical stuff, and wordplay, and often his comedies have other darker elements, or magical aspects. So maybe he’d like Nighty Night? Not Going Out would have lots of puns for him. Mock The Week for some satire? Despite my life-long adoration of telly comedy I struggled to think of many comedies with magical elements in them – any ideas?

My Mum (excellent at this sort of stuff and also never asks why I might want to know, just accepts it as a genuine question) reckoned on QI, Would I Lie To You, The Thick of It (as he liked political intrigue), and The Inbetweeners for bawdy comedy, among others in a fairly extensive list. Good shouts, I reckon (told you she was good).

What do you think? What telly suggestions would you give the Bard? If I have managed to work out how, I’ll have made comments accessible here, but if not then please do let me know on my Facebook page (or search ExploraBox) or my Twitter (@ExploraBox1)

Let’s aim for a good evening’s television planning for him and Anne to watch together on a rare Sunday night off back up visiting the folks in Stratford.

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