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Thanks for visiting my blog. I write about new books, things I’ve read about, Shakespeare-related stuff, and other important things like the weather, stationery, telly and running.

'Found Stories'

By amy, Apr 8 2016 09:09PM

Have you come across ‘found poetry’? It’s where people create a sort of poem collage, using words and phrases from other people’s writing and putting them together as a new piece of art. Dave Gorman does it on his programme ‘Modern Life is Goodish’ using internet comments, and there is loads online about other Found Poets and their work.

Well, I seem to find myself coming across these little scenes around the house, created sometimes by my children and sometimes by chance, which are like little stories waiting to be written. Or like I’ve interrupted a tiny play that objects in my house were acting out. I call them ‘found stories’, not because they are like story collages, or take other ideas to form a new piece of art, but just cos I found them. And they would make good stories.

Here’s what I mean… The following are just a few of the scenes I have genuinely found in my home. Deep sea drama, mysterious beast’s footprint in the snow, and a very nosy giraffe who will stop at NOTHING to get answers.

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